Thursday, 20 August 2015

Jimmy and Matt are going to see Weird Al - IT'S HAPPENING!

Of all of the years that i have been working with disabled people Weird Al has always been the best medicine.
I have been a fan since i was young but sadly he is not as known here in the U.K.
I have worked with blind people who have suffered severe depression and weird al has made them smile, and even motivated them to go out!
i have used his music throughout my work, and it has always made a difference.

Myself and Jimmy

Jimmy who was born Deaf and went blind at the age of 18 loves to laugh, and loves anything silly
if Jimmy could hear he would love weird Al, so i have sat with Jimmy on various occasions and interpreted Als songs to him using a special type of sign language called Deafblind manual, where each word is spelt out onto his hand.

i have even had various lyrics Brailled out so he can read them himself

every now and then i have bonkers idea which i carry through - sometimes it works and sometimes it dosent.
i went to see al in London for my 40th and spent most of the concert wishing Jimmy was there and how much he would have loved it

a few months later i hear al is coming back to the UK for probably his last gig here
i really wanted to get Jimmy there, but cost would be a problem so i wrote to Jim kimo west who forwarded me jay Leveys email (weird Als manager)

i then wrote to him explaining about the situation and he told me to get back to him nearer the date
4 months later i wrote back and he has donated 4 tickets for us to take Jimmy to see weird al in October 
i will interpret for Jimmy, my wife was going to come but has donated her ticket to matt, jimmy's friend who has cerebral palsy, and simon, matt's brother will drive

 Jimmys mate Matt

this dream has been a long time in the making but it is going to be epic

thank you Jim Kimo West and Jay Levey

watch this blog for more updates


Monday, 13 April 2015

Zacks McBusted Suprise 2015

Zack arrived in Liverpool not knowing anything about the evening ahead
he was greeted by this poster nd assumed he was going to sit through top gear!

 The Real Suprise





 The Concert


 The Meet and Greet


A massive thank you to Matt Willis for helping to arrange this
Zack and his family had a totally amazing evening - life changing